Silence Lines

Art of Lines & Geometry

Custom designs

I enjoy working on commissioned and challenging illustrations and projects.

// Brands and companies’ collaborations

Book covers, articles’ illustrations, branding, brand content creation, products design, patterns for fabric… I can work on many different types of formats and briefs.
Just send me the details of your project and I would be happy to discuss it.

// Murals

Just as a little kid, I love to draw on walls to personalise a space and make it unique.

// Tattoos & personalised gifts

I can create your own unique tattoo or design special gifts cards or illustrations for your loved ones .
Budget starts at 150 for small designs (less than 10 cm) and depends then on the size of the illustration and its complexity.
Please note that my designs are sometimes to detailed and your tattooer may have to adapt them to tattoo contraints.